Making Better Estimations and Using data to drive our decisions

21 Jun 2021


Join your fellow Orlando Developers for two great sessions to learn about making better estimations and using data to drive our decisions.

Software Estimating in an Imperfect World Although there are many well documented processes for estimation, many teams struggle mightily with this process leading to a lot of frustration, mistrust and blown delivery dates! This talk will take a look at some of the reasons why this happens as well as some techniques and tips on how to best deal with them when they do.

Aaron LeClair is the CTO of SecureNet Technologies and is a longtime engineering and product leader with experience in a diverse group of companies and products ranging from IoT to cloud applications. Prior to SecureNet, Aaron has worked with other Central Florida companies such as uBreakiFix, UniKey and Lockheed Martin.

Data-Driven Software Engineering Software engineers --- like surgeons before the 20th century --- often make decisions based on gut and heuristics. The results are often as gruesome for software engineers as they were for surgeons before they started grounding their practice in the data-driven science of medicine. I propose a more data-driven approach for answering these questions, an approach that will make software engineers more like effective, modern surgeons than the old, butchering surgeons of the 19th century.

Matt Dupree is a wannabe philosophy professor turned wannabe tech entrepreneur. He’s currently a software engineer at a YC-backed product analytics company called “Heap.” You can find out more about him here.