Innovation in Diversity, Inclusion, and Team Building

29 Jun 2021

Lean Startup

In June we have Curtis Michelson and Josh Walker sharing two complementary perspectives on innovation teams, diversity, and inclusion!

Curtis will be sharing and demo'ing Swarm Vision - his go-to choice for forming balanced innovation teams at the start of a client engagement. Swarm Vision provides key insights into the unique innovation talents of individuals in order to build the right mix of skill diversity for the right kind of innovation teams. Curtis Michelson serves enterprises with strategic business transformation. He created Minds Alert in 2015, an enterprise design agency based in Orlando, FL serving clients globally.

Josh will be showcasing Diversity Equity and Inclusion by the numbers. According to Insider and Forbes, your business's lack of diversity is hurting your business and leaving upwards of a Trillion dollars out of the overall economy. He will have a lot more data and practical steps on how businesses can attack this problem from a place of empathy. Joshua “TechDev” Walker is an Honorable Army Vet turned Techie, Senior Cloud Engineer, Diversity Advocate, and Author of “Venti Fried Chicken”.