Who Are The ODevs?

We are the Orlando Devs, a community of software developers in Orlando who are life-long learners and love being around like-minded people all day.

We do that by hanging out on the Orlando Devs Slack channel every day, and by going to multiple meetups throughout the month. We even have our own monthly meetup where we cover a wide array of topics that are related to software development.

Our Mission

Here at Orlando Devs, we strive to build a better community and enrich lives for people in the Orlando region. We do so making technology accessible through developer focused events, continuing education, and employment resources.

    Orlando Devs Board of Directors

  • Brian Rinaldi President - Developer Experience Engineer at LaunchDarkly
  • Jacques Fu Vice-President & Treasurer - Co-Founder of Staxx and Beam.gg, Author of "Time Hacks"

    Orlando Devs Board of Advisors

  • Andrew Kozlik Head of Product at eMeals.com
  • Austin Musice Director of Application Development at Omicron Media, Inc.
  • David Khourshid Software Engineer at Microsoft, Pianist
  • Dwane Hemmings JavaScript Developer Advocate
  • Matt Burgess Senior Software Engineer at Cloudera
  • Jamarcus Williams Senior Mobile Application Engineer at Joann Stores
  • Timothy Ferrell Engineering Manager at Okta
  • Brian Shacklett Principal Consultant at Slalom
  • Caitlin Augustin VP of Product and Programs at DataKind
  • German Gamboa Senior Software Engineer at OLO inc
  • Rajiv Menon CEO, Informulate
  • Jenny Truong Operations and Developer Relations at Stately.ai
  • Rex Cartanega CTO & Partner at Xureal
  • Hassan Sequias CEO & Founder at Xureal

Former Orlando Devs Board Members

  • Cassandra Wilcox
  • Jenell Pizarro
  • Matt Burgess
  • Jorge Hernandez

We hope that you will join us soon, be on the Orlando Devs Slack, Orlando Devs Meetup, or all the other software-related meetups happening in Orlando. Have a blast! 🚀